How to choose real wood door?
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There are still some confusion in the wooden door market. Some illegal businessmen to do some plank door like solid wood, with a variety of inferior plank stuff together, only in the door frame, hinges, lock parts, where consumers can see with the naked eye with some good wood substitute. At present, more than 50% of the market is solid wood compound door and compound door, log real wood door and high purity density board wood door is less. As a result, consumers should be more open to the "real wooden door" that is too low. The wooden door industry standard of the People's Republic of China, some of the personage inside course of study warns customer, when wood of choose and buy, in the future can ask for a wooden door profile material structure to the businessman, if buy, is real wood door, when signing a contract, don't forget to require companies is 100% indicated log, otherwise should mark is solid wood composite door or composite door.
Prices reflect "real wood" material on the market, a few businessmen in marketing to consumers, all claims to be "real wood" material, some labeled walnut "solid wood craft door", has grown two millimeters price is in 1000 yuan/only (in addition to the hardware of the whole door). On the contrary, some brand wooden door relatively "frank", such as wooden door is wood or after processing, are moulded or density board, PVC paper surface is imitation of walnut or solid wood, will be told. Some brand wooden doors also have the formaldehyde content of the European high standard -- the EO standard (0.5 mg per liter of formaldehyde). Now the wooden door that is sold in the market is divided into real wood door, solid wood compound door and compound door 3 kinds. Real wood door is open after a tree cut down into 4.5 cm thick, 2 meters high wait the wooden door of aniseed, paint on the surface directly and advantage is environmental protection, the disadvantage is that there are slight heat bilges cold shrink; Solid wood compound door is the density plate that presses 1 centimeter thick on the surface of solid fir wood, affix a 0.6 mm thick solid wood skin composition, the advantage is not easy to deform; Compound door is to point to the surface to have PVC imitation wood paper, in the middle ground to use the broken wood chip, the shavings is pressed together, the advantage is the design new, but the environmental protection performance is worse. When the consumer is buying, can differentiate according to the price the kind that buys wooden door.

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