Wooden door and whole decoration style and perfect supplement Make the home beauty!
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With the development of era, the change of interior design style and the aesthetic changes, the style changes of wooden door, contracted design style wooden door by the modern family. Contracted and not simple, both simplicity and practicality is precisely what the young generation is not convergence, not blindly follow, not on pursuit of life, how to get the wood and the overall domestic outfit style perfect supplement, harmonious and rich in characteristics need to be thoughtful.
Furniture decorate a style mainly divided into classical Chinese style, European style, contracted, mixing, etc, if decorating is Europe type style of the room, the wooden door also choose Europe type is better, for example, carve patterns or designs on woodwork wood door and European mirror close to each other. If indoor furniture design is the element that is mainstream in curve, the style of wooden door should also be the collocation that is ideal with curved line, and vice versa.
The daylighting of the bedroom and conditions limit the wooden door color range of options, such as deep black walnut in xiangyang good room, create a steady and elegant atmosphere. The room that daylighting is good can choose a large scale, deep shallow all can. The floor is low, the room that daylighting is not sufficient is to choose brightness is taller, the facade material that color is appropriate, avoid to use the material that is darker color as far as possible.
The main two elements of bedroom design are the space division and atmosphere creation, atmosphere creation USES the method that USES is the form, colour, lamplight and simple sense. These four elements in a bedroom on the facade design, wooden door as an important part of the facade, its form, color, texture plays an indispensable role in complete bedroom ideal atmosphere.
Want to decorate your home so that having a unique style, so cleverly designed the space, furniture configuration, unified color selection match would be a good choice.

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