Golden Rat Blessing | Jiajia Wooden Doors / Whole House Customized New Year! Happy Chinese New Year to the people!
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The passing years hurried east, and the days seemed to flow quietly, and the new year was standing at the starting point. On the first day of the new year, in the blessing of ten thousand voices, we are walking step by step towards us. Dear friends, in the days of welcome and resignation, Jiajia Wooden Doors / House Customs wish you a Happy New Year! Happy family reunion!



In the new year, I wish Jiajia people to take off like a dragon,

May our cause be as colorful as flowers,

May our company be as strong and solid as a rock,

May our employees be as united as brothers and sisters,

May our friends be evergreen like Qingsong,

May our life be as sweet and complete as honey.







Goodbye 2019 for hard work, hard work, laughter, and touching


Get on this timeless train


Towards 2020 full of hope, sunshine and anticipation


Let us all wish:


Jiajia wooden door / whole house customization is even better in the future!

I wish all Jiajia families:

"Mouse" endless joy! "Mouse" endless gains!

"Mouse" endless banknotes! "Mouse" endless smiles!

"Mouse" endless happiness! "Mouse" endless joy!

"Mouse" endless wealth! "Mouse" endless sweetness!

"Mouse" endless passion! "Mouse" endless health!

Finally, I wish everyone again

Happy New Year! Everything goes well with you

HELLO 2020


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