Jiajia wooden door / house-wide customization | Customized wooden styles from different countries, are you excited?
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Customized wood is a hot industry,

It includes woodworking decoration, furniture,

Systematic design and manufacturing of solid wood materials for decoration, etc.

Form a harmonious and unified home environment.

American style
In the home design, respecting the style of returning to nature and combining nature,
Integrating natural and local flavors into new spatial forms,
Called "American Country Style",
"American pastoral style" or "local style", also known as "gray school".
Chinese style
Represented by palace architecture
Chinese classical architecture interior design art style.
Magnificent, magnificent and luxurious, high space,
Great progress, carved beams, golden splendor, and symmetrical shapes.
Colors pay attention to contrast. The decorative materials are mainly wood.
The patterns are many dragons, phoenixes, turtles, lions, etc., which are carefully carved and magnificent.
European style
It is a style centered on classical columns.
European-style bedrooms are not just luxurious,
It's more cozy romance.
Through the perfect curve, the fine detail processing,
Bring endless comfort to the family,
In fact, harmony is the highest state of European style.
Neoclassicism is relative to before the tenth century
The retro wave in terms of "classicism",
Therefore, "new" classical style appeared.
French style
French style is the French pursuit of beauty,
Use lines, carvings, columns, etc. in details,
The production process is also very sophisticated.
French romance is well known,
It is also vividly displayed on the home.
Not only the pursuit of comfort, but also a romantic atmosphere.
British style
Aura of temperament in English style
Being scrambled to imitate and act on the room,
Vintage furniture, vibrant colors,
Old objects, etc. that bear historical memories,
Distinguished and tasteful,
Unique and elegant British home furnishings
It has become a classic that cannot be copied.

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