[Jiajia wooden door / whole house customization] what furniture does the whole house customization include, do you know?
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In recent years, the whole house custom-made furniture has become more and more popular. More and more consumers use the whole house custom furniture to replace the finished furniture in decoration. However, the whole house custom furniture is only a vague concept in people's eyes. What kind of furniture does the specific whole house custom furniture include? Let's have a look at it with Jiajia.



All room customization - porch furniture

The porch is the entrance of the house, which has a preliminary impact on people. The location of the porch on Fengshui is also mentioned in many ways, which is particularly important. The furniture that can be configured in the porch includes: porch cabinet, shoe cabinet, shoe changing stool or display cabinet, etc. generally, the location of the porch is very limited, which can't accommodate so many furniture with different functions. Customized furniture can integrate these needs. Only one cabinet can be designed with the function of both shoe cabinet and display shelf, so that the limited space can meet the largest demand.



All room customization living room furniture

The living room has powerful functions and needs a lot of furniture, such as partition cabinets, TV cabinets, sofas, tea tables, lockers, bookcases, etc. Limited by the size of small houses, the length of time faced with trade-offs. Customized furniture will be a combination of multi-functional furniture design, truly achieve sparrow small, five viscera. For example, TV cabinets, bookcases and lockers are combined to form a TV background wall cabinet, which creates a new aesthetic experience by mixing functions.



All room customization - kitchen furniture

The concept of the whole kitchen precedes that of the whole house customized furniture, which is popular all over the world. The whole house customized furniture spreads to the whole house customized furniture on the basis of the whole kitchen. The kitchen furniture is covered by the whole cabinet, and the details include the refrigerator, the stove, the stove, the storage space, the oven, the microwave oven, etc. the whole cabinet is designed as a whole according to the size specifications, with full functions It has strong ability of receiving and finishing, and beautiful appearance.



All room customization - dining room furniture

The whole room custom-made furniture is more when the Chinese restaurant part includes, for example, the design of Chinese tables and chairs, sideboard, wine cabinet, display cabinet, card seat, etc., the partition cabinet, Bogu cabinet, TV background wall cabinet and TV cabinet in the living room, sofa, tea table, sofa background bookcase, etc. in these areas, the ingenious design sense plays a role in the use of functional combination space, making the space Beauty and practicality are perfectly interpreted. For example, the TV cabinet and the bookcase display stand are designed into a combination cabinet, and the function mix and match produces a new aesthetic experience.



All room customization - bedroom furniture

Bedroom furniture includes wardrobe, bedside table, dressing table, bed, bed stool, bedroom TV cabinet, desk and so on. In order to realize multiple functions in a limited space, a large number of furniture must be purchased according to the idea of finished furniture in the past, and the dimensions of these furniture can not be accurately and meticulously integrated with the room. The customized furniture in the whole room can reflect these functions in a complete set on a cabinet, saving a lot of space and cost, and the measurement design in size is more accurate It is beautiful and practical as a whole.



All room customization - functional children's room furniture

In addition to the cloakroom, study, tea room and balcony room, the functional room also has special children's room furniture. Children's room furniture such as children's room wardrobe, bookcase, desk and bedside table can be customized accurately to meet the needs of children's body and nature.



All room customization - toilet furniture

Bathroom furniture is the first thought of the bathroom cabinet, the overall bathroom cabinet is also the scope of the whole house custom furniture, the custom overall bathroom cabinet in the functional area is more combined with the user's use needs for design, first of all, to meet the user's cleaning supplies storage area sorting ability, let the bathroom space clean and beautiful.



As the name implies, the whole house customization is a personalized and exclusive home space created by enterprises according to the design requirements of consumers. It is a scientific and perfect furniture that integrates consumers' preferences for color, material, appearance and space size. The real meaning of "customization" is not only the production of furniture style, but also the customization of design, layout, production process, logistics and other aspects.

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