[Jiajia wooden door / full house customization] perfect integration of warmth and fashion!
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It seems that under the simple appearance,
But it often reflects a hidden noble temperament,
Deeply influenced by modern art,
Elegant and fashionable.
The integration of logs and the current popular industrial style, the stable and low-key ash of the ancient castle, dotted with a few noble blue, brings a visual sense of hierarchy to the space. At the same time of paying attention to the atmosphere art, it is orderly to maximize the storage function of the space.
The dark wood bar arouses the rhythmic beauty of the space. By virtue of the artistic characteristics, it has a well-organized light luxury style, creating a spacious and quiet atmosphere, so that the residents can enjoy the leisure and comfort of life.
Art originates from life, pursues the existence of artistic beauty in life, integrates design into human nature, brings home into a leisurely situation, and allows people to enjoy the beauty of life.
The combination of light wood color and white is fresh and delicate, supplemented by orange to brighten the vision. Under the good natural light, it shows delicate texture. Through modern design, it integrates warmth and fashion.
The light luxury style pays attention to the simplicity and atmosphere of the spatial layout, pays attention to the quality and design sense in the details, and reveals the pursuit of exquisite and refined life without trace.

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