[Jiajia wooden door / whole house customization] all house customization and decoration tips! Do you know?
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Whole house customization has always been popular, or many owners will redecorate the whole house customization, so how to decorate the whole house customization?

What are the skills of the whole house custom decoration? Let's analyze it for you!

If you are not satisfied with the original style of the whole house customization, it is suggested that you can improve the part, that is, decorate the separate space.

For example, if you are not satisfied with the overall decoration of the bedroom, you can improve the bedroom environment and decorate it into the style features you want.

In this way, we don't need to spend too much energy on decoration.


The furniture in the whole house customization has a great influence on the aesthetics of the whole house customization. A good set of furniture products can greatly improve the home decoration environment.

Therefore, the furniture in the whole house should be selected in combination with the style of home decoration you like. It is suggested that you choose the way of customized furniture better.

By the professional designer combined with their own needs to customize the production, reflects the effect is better, can use more comfortable.

In order to make it more distinctive, we can use wallpaper, paint, decorations and so on.

Make the space more colorful. You can also use the mirror element to make the extension feel full.


The quality of soft decoration will directly affect the decoration of the space, so before choosing soft decoration products, first of all, we need to consider whether the style is unified.

No matter the design and shape, they should be the same. If it's European style, the soft matching of the space should reflect the luxury and high-end, and the large pattern material of suede can be used.

If it's rural style, soft clothing is relatively simple, you can choose small floral patterns, soft fabric to decorate.

The whole house is fully equipped with customized one-stop products and free on-site measurement service. Professional designers will reasonably design functional areas according to the living habits of the owners.



The storage efficiency will be greatly increased by 75%. Difficult and miscellaneous positions such as side beams, side columns and concave convex positions in the home will also be reasonably utilized. The furniture in the shopping mall will look beautiful.

But when we move home, we will find that it's not in harmony with other furniture, or it's not suitable for the size of the space.

The whole house customization designer will listen to your ideas and requirements, and make the best complete space matching scheme! The purchase plan of consumers is often limited in budget.

Expensive over budget, cheap worry about product quality, the whole house customization enterprises adhere to the service tenet of high standard quality, middle price and high quality service.

Consumers don't need to rush to compare, they can buy a new home that everyone envies and has high cost performance.



Space in front, products in the back, where to store things, where to sleep, where to work, where to play, all these need to go deep into consumers' living habits before planning.

When home brands are taking "customization" as a sense of identity and logo, the house is built for living and the home is created for sustainable life.

With the growing youth of the consumer market, the consumer groups of the whole house customization industry show a trend of youth, and the post-80s and post-90s have become the main target consumer groups.

Combined with their consumption habits, targeted product design and marketing plans will contribute to the development of the whole house customization industry.

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