Win the market: [Jiajia wooden door / whole house customization] staff monthly meeting held ceremoniously!
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Monthly staff meeting

In order to better implement the company's production and sales plan in 2019, on the morning of June 4, the company held a monthly meeting to lay the foundation for the future market development!

The theme of this conference is market trend, brand building, quality and service first. It is mainly to strengthen the sales promotion ability of each business elite, workshop production safety, production quality, after-sales service and other issues, and fully improve the professional level of the company's elite, so as to make the business level more standardized, so as to better serve customers.


Get together, work together, work together and win brilliance

Dry cargo is full.

Learn in order to practise

In this conference, the leaders of the company explained the market, brand, quality and service to everyone, and the elites listened attentively, and learned how to more efficient marketing strategies and better serve customers, so as to help the elites to have a better promotion from a professional perspective and perspective.
The times are advancing and the market is developing. How to win the market challenge is a necessary ability for an enterprise to become bigger and stronger. The company's conference, in view of the actual problems in market development, fully reflects the determination of Jiajia to win the market. The elites all said that they are very useful, and expect to apply the contents of the conference to the actual sales and production, and expect Jiajia's elites to surpass themselves and achieve better results after passing the conference! Better customer service! Choice is more important than effort. Choosing Jiajia means choosing to go with success! Take the door as the medium, work together for win-win, win the world against the trend! Looking forward to building a beautiful blueprint with you!

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