Simple three tips to identify wooden door sound insulation
Date: 2019/4/1 Hits: 619

 In home decoration, most people want to live with the elderly, children or babysitters, plus the size of the house is not too big, the sound insulation effect is especially critical. However, the sound insulation index is a very professional number. It is not too big for the merchants to say, so it is very practical to learn a way to check the sound insulation of the wooden door. Here are three tips for reference:

1. Look at the weight, the formula of the sound insulation is directly related to the density of the material, so the sound insulation with high density is relatively good, and the molded door is relatively light, which is the source of poor sound insulation of the molded door.
2. Look at the thickness of the wooden facade laminate. The thicker the laminate, the better the sound insulation effect. The thickness of the surface layer is also good, but the cost is increased.
3, look at the flatness of the wooden door, the flatter the wooden door, the better the combination of the same door cover, regardless of the structure. As long as the deformation of the wooden door is not soundproof, it will leak.
There is also a slightly more professional, the quality of the expansion glue between the door cover and the wall. If this is not good, it will seriously affect the sound insulation, but it is a bit professional, but the above three are enough to test.

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