The color is well matched, and the "facade" can shine brightly.
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 Color matching is an art, from the main color choice of the wall surface to the style matching of the wooden door furniture. If the color is not harmonious, it will give people a very messy feeling, which directly affects the overall decorative effect of the home. Take the wooden door, in the home decoration, many owners often only pay attention to the material of the wooden door when choosing the wooden door, but ignore the color matching problem between it and the decoration style and other furniture in the room. So, what is the color relationship between the choice of wooden doors and the overall decoration style of the home?

1. The color system is in harmony with Mono
Dark wooden doors with dark floors are often used for conservative design or traditional style design. This kind of matching is more common. The traditional decoration concept is that the color of the wall or door should be shallower than the ground, which can stretch the visual sense of space. The medium-color floor is relatively high in frequency and is a relatively safe color. Even if it is not well matched, it will not go wrong. The combination of medium-color floor + dark door is very common, and many styles are used.
2. The overall coordination echoes
The wooden door is an important decoration of the façade space, and it must be contrasted with the wall to be vivid. If the wall is white and the wooden door is still white, it will make the space lack vitality. For those who have a soft spot for light colors, you can try to paint the walls in light yellow, light blue, etc. The light colors can visually create a sense of large space that is wrong, but the color difference is not too big. Otherwise it will give people a feeling of messiness. At the same time, the wooden door should also echo the color of the furniture, so that the overall coordination, so that the entire decoration looks natural, as one.
3. The style is consistent and not unobtrusive
The decoration style of the home is mainly divided into Chinese, European, simple, classical, etc. The wooden door not only meets the requirements of the home style in terms of color, but also conforms to the style of home decoration. The ingenious combination of shape and color can be derived. A variety of styles create a lot of imagination for the overall collocation of the house. Such as Chinese-style wooden doors, the traditional Chinese wooden doors have a classical atmosphere and are full of culture, which is restrained and restrained. The designer pays attention to the elements of Chinese culture, and cleverly draws on the characteristics of elements with the meaning of Western representative styles, so that the wooden doors appear to be stable and square, and the visual effects are calm and contain power, and the middle of the mean contains breakthroughs. A brand-new modern Chinese style is perfectly presented, blending colors into the styling and creating a variety of styles.
The importance of wood door tones is as high as the standard requirements of materials and craftsmanship. The owner should listen to professional home color matching guides.
As the saying goes, people want clothes, Buddhas want gold, wooden doors are a symbol of the portal, but also need a high standard of color matching, in order to make people shine.

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