The focus of environmental protection, wood door industry
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Environmental protection -- the focus of the wooden door industry
Living standards have been raised, the quality of life has improved, the taste of people has improved, and people's health has become more and more popular. When the consumer is buying wooden door, in order to pay more attention to environmental protection performance to replace formerly with practical, quality, price as the center of consumption view. So to buy food and supplies, consumer first consider is whether the product is harmful to the body, to buy wood door, environmental protection is first into consideration.
If lost the environmental protection, also has lost the value of its existence, wooden door design is again good, color again to attract people, material is again good, again beautiful modelling is meaningless, such wooden door is scrap, consumer also won't pay for a scrap.
Because wooden door industry environmental protection standard is not very unified the whole country at present, which makes some do not have professional knowledge, backward production facilities, insufficient funds exploiting the loopholes of enterprise, through various channels of fake fake or green environmental protection product product certificate. Forge more and more "green" certification, make consumers to buy green products could not be more, so consumer for certification and wooden door products test report of the data are required to have specific identity, in order to identify, but a lot of fake health quotient and hidden danger there is.
Formaldehyde is one of the main pitfalls. Because of the existence of many factors, and increasing consumer awareness, consumer when buying wooden door take too much more important in environmental protection, green wood door once again become the focus of wood door industry.
For consumer attention to the environmental protection sex, wooden door enterprises to win more customers, increase sales, you must meet this important needs of consumers. Also want to be strong brand, with brand to explain everything. To strengthen the brand, the good faith is the key, the enterprise to take the good faith as this, consumer interest, all deceive consumer behavior harm the image of the brand, after unable to establish a trusted consumer brands.

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