About the daily maintenance of wooden door
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Many consumers when decorating a interior wooden doors of lack of awareness of the processing of wooden door, caused many unnecessary trouble, but also led to decorate a waste of money and decoration materials, the most important is easy to decorate effect caused by defects, in decorating a process should be how to decorate wooden door? The average household now has a solid wooden door, but there may be some people who don't have very good protection in their daily lives. Do not maintain normally, or the door is not properly open, violence slam door and so on the damage that causes door. So use wooden doors correctly to keep you young.
Wooden door generally use more than one year as a contact point, the keyhole will be a little bit rusty, can apply some lubricant on relevant point of contact, but the lock hole can't feed. Install wooden door for a month, the protection membrane wants to tear, otherwise in the illuminate of the sunshine will cause the phenomenon that causes damage paint.
Wood door maintenance instructions
When you open the door, push as lightly as you can, the heavy impact of long hours will loosen the wooden door parts and reduce the service life.
Always use soft cloth to wipe the door face, keep the door face clean, prevent corrosive material from encroaching, and increase wooden door polish;
To add a small amount of lubricating oil, keep lubricants, keep the door and lock flexible, and keep the door and lock open.
Do not insert 4, wooden door locks in the keyhole sundry or injected into the oil, in order to avoid gambling plug, locks are not flexible powder can be used a pencil with a little lubrication (should), locks are not flexible impact to seek professional help when open;
At present most of the use of wooden door is made of wood products, so for cleaning of the door, we can do this, can swab to dry, then wax regularly, to maintain the appearance of bright. Because wood board of wood has a layer of protective film, so to avoid scratches, but also far away from the corrosive objects, in order to keep the glamorous of wooden door and prolong its life.

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