How to prevent deformation of wood?
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Wood door because of the use of wood processing, at the same time flat area is big, and fixed point few, so it is easy to produce deformation and craze of adornment wood to do one. Because wooden door after deformation will directly cause the sound insulation of the building, airtight sex and beautiful, understand wooden door so the deformation reason of knowledge is decorated importantly particularly before became adornment.
Natural lumber has the influence of various factors in the process of growth and lead to lumber density not all (of the density of face of exposed to the sun, annual, core and alburnum), when the timber was changed the balance of internal stress after digging, make lumber is out of shape, craze.
The deformation of the moisture content of lumber is high also be to bring about wooden door is another main reason, as the moisture content in use process reduce, the internal stress of lumber just can be shown slowly, lead to out of shape, craze
Main means to prevent the deformation of wood: using the method of machinery and technology to change the internal stress of lumber, and the moisture content, changing method is more effective and commonly used internal stress of pine or fir (internal stress of these two kinds of lumber is lesser) refers to pick up. The method of changing the water content of the wood is to make a second drying. Processing technology in the production of wooden door, the stand or fall, such as press of factors such as pressure, temperature, balance, agglutination will directly affect the wooden door in use process is out of shape, craze.

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